"You're not going to become the pastor, husband, and father you're called to be overnight. It takes work, intentionality, and a hunger to learn."

Each track consists of two intensive training sessions in Anderson, SC, as well as exclusive video content each month. 


Spiritual Growth

How do I prioritize my relationship with Jesus in the midst of being busy doing ministry?


How much should I be getting paid?

Is it okay if my church is not able to pay a salary? 


How do I decide how many days a month I can work, and how many I need for rest, community, and sermon prep?

Marriage and Kids

How do I balance my time serving in ministry while not neglecting my family?

Sermon Preparation

How do I prepare a sermon?

How far in advance should it be ready?


Is it even possible to serve at a church and not get burnt out, or even begin to resent it?